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Michelle Nelson Guitarist

Welcome to the website of Michelle Nelson, composer, guitarist and creative educator; a musician committed to developing instrumental works that are contemporary but also draw from traditional composition. 

Her popular FM radio works Brolga Dances, Capricorn Light and Pacifica (2009) and Amorevolezza (2005) reflect these aims. Michelle is driven by the belief that, in an era of computer-generated music the art of music composition in the modern world is more vital than ever, and that the most original work can only come from the imagination of skilled artists. 

In July 2013 Michelle can proudly announce the release of the first solo disc of exclusively her own compositions:<--break->

After The Fire - Featured Songs

  • Bells of Beechworth
  • Flute and Guitar Sonata
  • Harmony on Lyttleton Street


After The Fire offers some of my best compositions of recent years. Each one of these tracks was sparked by my love of melody and harmony, and each strongly reflects it’s original inspiration.
I sincerely hope you enjoy this new music as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

Michelle Nelson - Composer