ANZCA Grade Books

ANZCA Guitar grade book 00 - Intro.jpg

ANZCA Introductory Guitar

An excellent source of short single-note solos to suit children under 10. Pieces range from time-proven favourites to original pieces written for the level. The notation is in large font and well spaced and includes chord symbols for teacher accompaniment.

ANZCA Guitar grade book 01 - Prel-1.jpg

Preliminary & Grade One

Written for young players under 13 years: beginner to established range. Contains good arrangements of popular tunes such as Aura Lee, Old MacDonald, Drunken Sailor and Waltzing Matilda, plus original material designed to build plectrum technique and chord recognition. Includes CD. No TAB – notation only.

ANZCA Guitar grade book 02 - Gr2.jpg

Grade Two

Contains a range of material that covers main steel-string guitar styles. Designed primarily for the 11-14 year age-group but is also suitable for established 9-10 year-olds. Includes arrangements of traditional tunes, original pieces and a reference CD.

ANZCA Guitar grade book 03 - Gr3.jpg

Grade Three

Designed for established teens but also suitable for adult students who are aiming to develop their playing beyond the basic hobby level. Contains a range of technique-based studies, popular traditional tunes arranged in melody-chord style and original pieces that reflect Popular genres, three of which are designed exclusively for Electric guitar. Includes CD.

ANZCA Guitar grade book 04 - Gr4.jpg

Grade Four

For players of solid intermediate ability and physically ready to move towards advanced ability. Target age-range is 14+ years. Material is all designed to reflect a popular genre of the past century that steel-string guitar has featured in. From Classic Blues to Psychedelic Rock and Folk-based finger-style pieces, this book offers an entertaining set of studies and solos perfect for developing mid-teens and serious adult students. All pieces are fully notated but a few contain TAB assistance to aid the realization of note placement across different positions on the fret-board.

ANZCA Guitar grade book 05 - Gr5.jpg

Grade Five

Continues on the style and intent of Book Four. Pieces are longer and there is more movement across the fret-board. Keys range up to five sharps and four flats. Styles include Trad Jazz and Be-bop comping, plus some excellent folk-based finger-style arrangements. Suits established students 15+ years.

ANZCA Guitar grade book 06 - Gr6.jpg

Grade Six

Advanced material for advancing players. Demands intermediate music literacy but does contain some TAB to assist higher position reading. Includes Progressive Rock, Funk and Jazz chord comps, clearly notated melody-chord arrangements, and a cool Ragtime Blues finger-style piece. Suitable for well-established players 16+ years.

Sight Reading - Modern Guitar cover.jpg

ANZCA Modern Guitar Sight Reading Lessons

Handy graded sight-reading exercises, from Preliminary to Grade Eight level. All single-note to Grade Three, then simple cadential chord changes start appearing. Each grade has 20 or more samples. Perfect for quick tests within lessons.

Technical Work - Modern Guitar cover.jpg

Technical Work – Modern Guitar

This book contains all Technical Work requirements listed in the current Modern Guitar Syllabus.

Prepared by Michelle Nelson, this manual provides a graded guide to the fundamental technique requirements of modern plectrum-guitar playing, and is also an excellent companion work to the commonly-used modern guitar methods. Fingering and position markings are included throughout, with some tablature.