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Return to the Dance


Guitarist-composer Michelle Nelson has created a new album of guitar works inspired by the traditional association between guitars and dance, from reflections of the Spanish 17th Century guitar style, through to 1970s Rock and on to the current EDM influence.

Includes the award-winning The Guitarist’s Bach, a homage to JS Bach in the style of his Lute suites, created for the modern EADGBE guitar.

"Guitars and dance go together like two sides of a coin; from the Spanish guitarists of old to the Rock era and on to the Pop world of the 21st Century."

"As a guitarist I have innately understood this connection. As a composer I have often mused on how modern art-music strayed so far from mainstream taste during the 20th Century. Perhaps the best way for it to re-connect in the new digital world is by a return to the dance." - Michelle Nelson


Ringing the Strings


Melbourne's Concordia Mandolin and Guitar Orchestra present this new recording, including music by Sculthorpe, Faure and the ensemble's own Michelle Nelson.

After the Fire


Australian composer Michelle Nelson presents ‘After the Fire’, a stunning album showcasing her work. Illustrative of Australia, past and present, this music is appealing, melodic and contemporary.