Modern Guitar Chord Styles


Modern Guitar Chord Styles 1

The perfect book for hobby guitarists and young students aged 12 and up: a gently-graded course that builds technique naturally via harmonic exercises and song-like progressions. This book covers essential chord forms, rhythm and arpeggio techniques (including finger-picking), and includes a CD containing 55 progressions.


Modern Guitar Chord Styles 2

Dedicated exclusively to electric guitar chord and rhythm styles, this book is a must-have for all electric players. It presents the essential bar-chord forms and electric-guitar rhythm techniques all the way from the 50s/60s to current styles. The 45 recorded samples are excellently produced, employing the right sounds for each era/style.


Modern Guitar Chord Styles 3

This advanced/tertiary-level text deals with the musically challenging area of Jazz and Funk chord forms, rhythms and styles of chord use. Presented in notation with chord boxes and some TAB, it includes a CD of 39 stylized progressions that provide excellent source material for advanced technique-study requirements.