Guitar Steps

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Guitar Steps 1

The first book in Michelle Nelson’s guitar tutor system introduces the beginner guitarist to the must-know basics of single-note guitar style and its notation (both traditional and TAB).

Aimed primarily at students aged 9 and up, this 50-page book is packed with information for the first-year guitarist. Notes and concepts are introduced in an order which is both innovative and logical, using easy-to-follow text and clear musical exercises to develop both reading and basic technique with a minimum of stress.

Guitar Steps 1 is divided into three sections: “First Steps”, “Getting to 2nd Base” and “Consolidating Steps”. Each section introduces new notes, techniques and concepts, and concludes with songs and a written test. By the end of the third section, the student has covered the first position, major and minor scales and keys up to one sharp or flat, basic syncopation and more.

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Guitar Steps 2

The second book in Michelle Nelson’s series continues the foundation development of Book 1 and is designed to consolidate intermediate ability. It is suitable both for established students aged from 12 years up, and for older beginners with some prior music reading ability.

Following the style of the Book 1, a mixture of traditional notation and TAB is used to ensure the smooth introduction of new notes and positions. The three sections of the book – “Notes and Scales”, “Putting Notes Together” and “Extending Techniques” – take students from 1st to 5th position through the introduction of suitable major and minor scales and keys. Rhythmic elements including 6/8 time, sixteenth notes, triplets, swing, syncopation and rubato are also explored.

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Guitar Steps 3

The third and final book in Michelle Nelson’s popular modern/plectrum guitar tutor series is designed to help the Grade Four-level student progress to Grade Seven standard through solos, studies, duet and exercises that develop note knowledge and reading to the 12th fret across the whole fretboard.

Continuing the format of Books 1 and 2, this volume is divided into three sections, each of which concludes with a written test:
• Part 1 includes notes on the 1st and 2nd strings to the 12th fret, root 5 major and melodic minor scale patterns, root 6 major scales, and related solos and duets.
• Part 2 introduces bar chords, 7th chords and extensions, playing in the 5th position, root 6 minor scales, pentatonic and blues scales and more.
• Part 3 moves on to the 7th and 9th positions and related keys, syncopated Swing and Jazz Waltz styles, advanced melody-chord solos, and using the whole fretboard.