Introducing the Twenty-five Studies for Classic Electric Guitar

Welcome to the most refreshing new thing in electric-guitar study.

Yes, seriously!

Twenty-five Studies for Classic Electric Guitar is a set of idiomatic works composed exclusively for electric-guitar. It is a stylized set of pieces that provide a unified approach to developing advanced technique.

Most of these studies will not work on acoustic instruments; they were all composed on electric-guitar. Most range as high as the D at the 22nd fret on the 1st string, and feature atypical electric guitar techniques like string-bending, high-position chording, sliding and rapid ligados.

The style of these studies reflect the practice common to the ‘Classic Rock’ era, circa 1960-95, and the music inspired by that since mid-90s.

The intent of them is rooted in that era and the overall style requires the kind of tone-shaping via an amplifier and effects typical of that era.

This blog will be regularly updated with articles about the individual studies and the education philosophy behind them.

Recordings of the works are in progress but, sadly have been delayed by the passing of a parent. As soon as they’re ready they’ll be added to the blog items.

I really hope you enjoy these new studies !


Yours in music,

Michelle Nelson

Michelle Nelson